Loft Conversions

When considering an extension to your home, the loft conversion is a trusted way to maximise space and create a beautiful,  inclusive living area. From blueprints to bespoke finishing touches, we provide reliable project management, (with building control, regulations and planning application assistance if required) quality sustainable materials, on going budget management and most importantly, qualified and friendly professionals to carry out the work to our guaranteed high standards.

The conversion service include Dorma, Hip to Gable, Piggyback and ‘L’ shaped lofts with lowering of ceilings available subject to specifications and preference. 
Conversion options to suit all types of property:

  • The Dorma conversion can provide ample head room by extending the roof horizontally with vertical walls  and is perfect for lofts with limited space.
  • The Hip to Gable conversion is the best solution for homes with a hip roof as it allows the gable wall to be built up to the hip line, creating a fabulous space from almost nothing.
  • The Piggyback conversion raises the existing perimeter walls to create a spacious and practical solution for an expanding family or generous office space in top of your home.
  • The ‘L’ shaped conversion offers the best value for the most space up to the maximum allowance and  is the most popular loft conversion for Victorian and Edwardian properties.

Naturally, all work undertaken is guaranteed with  peace of mind knowing that it is backed by professional accreditation and the testimonials of many satisfied customers whose homes have been transformed with this stunning addition. For a no obligation quotation please contact us.

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